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How Swipe Right Went Wrong Led Founder Tracy Peart To Create DATINGSAFE

” I came up with this idea after I began dating again. I ran into bots, scans, and creepers. No one had the security I was looking for, or addressing any problems. So, I became that someone.” – Tracy Peart

Here’s a little info about DatingSafe:

#ItsNotRight that 1 person can be masquerading as 10 people online! #TheFightBack. Our members are verified by a Government issued ID, Drivers License, Passport, and facial biometrics. Know whom you’re meeting online is who they say they are! DatingSafe & Yoti Verification Digital Identity Confirmed. MEET A CATCH AND NOT A CATFISH! No more wasted dates!
What does dating cost you a year?

While online dating continues to grow, people fall victim to dating fraud and romance scams which cost time, money and emotional distress. Daters are required to trust the people they meet online are whom they claim to be. Fake profiles and bots on dating sites are not uncommon, and it’s too easy to be tricked or scammed by somebody using a false identity or hiding behind a fake profile. Every member of DatingSafe is verified.

Our founder Tracy is a widowed single mom who created DatingSafe. After losing her husband in a car accident in 2011, then dating again. Her personal experienced online through other sites with no security.

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